Mission Statement


Our 5-year Vision for Ludlow Methodist Church

      A |Church which continues to be known for its welcome to all and as meeting-place for all.

      A Church which utilises its relationship with the community to help people to come to faith. 

      A Church which offers a variety of worships to suit different ages, recognising its particular gifting to provide services appealing to retired folk.

      A Church which provides a pathway for growing in faith through all ages.

      A Church which helps people deepen their discipleship through a variety of small groups in which there is wide participation.

      A Church which continues to listen to the needs of the community.

      A Church whose premises are lively and well-used for the community and for mission.

      A Church which, working with other Churches as appropriate, contributes to addressing the needs of young people in the town.

      A Church which works with others to be Social and Prophetic in the community and in the world.

      A Church which communicates well using advertising, print and electronic media.

      A Church which is a model and encouragement to the Circuit.

      A Church which plays its role in Circuit affairs. 

Mission Statement ( Our purpose and how we aim to achieve it.) 

To journey with God, proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ through our witness, our worship by our practical expression of His love within our church, the community we serve - and the world.

We seek to fulfil this mission by: 

      offering a welcome to all to join us in conversation, worship and other activities.

      helping people to learn about and develop faith and grow in Christian discipleship.

      supporting members of the Church family and being a caring community with opportunities to study and pray together.

      ensuring that all aspects of Church life reflect its open policy and make provision for all ages

      practising the inclusive gospel of Jesus Christ

      working with our Christian neighbours in other local Churches, as well as people of other faith and no faith, and with the wider Church family in the Shropshire and Marches Circuit and throughout the world.